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"As a classic example of AJS (Aging Jock Syndrome) I consistently find ways to injure myself by simply doing things I did at 20, but with a 70 year old body. Given my aggressive lifestyle, I have had multiple opportunities to have physical therapy, but frankly, I never found it to be very helpful. When I found myself at my surgeon's office (again) with unbearable pain in my left arm and shoulder that wouldn't even allow me to sleep, he recommended Dana Point PT...I was dubious based on past experience with other PT groups, but he insisted that Dana Point PT was particularly good...WOW was he right. After my first session the pain started to recede and with the amazing guidance of the caring, well trained staff at Dana Point PT giving me injury specific exercises, which I practiced every day, I was pain free after 6 weeks and ready to attack my mountain biking, water skiing and other demanding sports like I had never been injured. Special thanks to Cecile and Yunnis and Mike for their personal attention!"

-Kent S.


"A left shoulder surgery and related sports injuries resulted in a "frozen shoulder" and I was left in nothing but pain. I couldn't even raise my left arm to shoulder height. The option presented by the surgeon was to perform a manipulation under general anesthesia to increase range of motion. Before doing so, I went to Dana Point Physical Therapy which had been recommended by a friend. I'm happy to say I took my friend's advice, and today, thanks to the staff at Dana Point Physical Therapy, my shoulder is completely rehabilitated and I enjoy having full range of motion again."

-Thomas M., PhD


"I can now walk without any pain. I actually have my life back. I now can enjoy my grandchildren, friends, and family on our outings. My doctor sent me to Dana Point Physical Therapy for post op therapy...They worked on my leg tirelessly. The physical therapist I had was Jordan Turner, He was great."

-Jimmy C.

"I first discovered Dana Point Physical Therapy in the summer of 2015 when I was recovering from surgery for a torn meniscus on my left knee. At age 67, I was not regaining mobility as quickly as I had imagined, and I wanted therapy close to my home. Little did I know what I was walking into! Jordan and his team of therapists and aides are there to tend to my injury with astonishing insight into how it affected my body as a whole. And then there's Amy....a force of nature! I had never had personal training before, but when I observed Amy's interaction with her clients and the therapists, I signed on. The combination of strength training and physical therapy has greatly improved my physical and mental well being. Gaining core strength is helping me combat the aches and pains that can come from aging. Amy's mantras of "you can do it, Chris" and "are you ready to have some fun?" have been an inspiration. I now wonder if I would have had to have surgery at all, if I had found Jordan and Amy sooner."

-Chris D. 

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